What is the difference between VMware and Hyper-V??

Vmware and Hyper-v are different company products but both serve the same feature i.e virtualization.

The differences are as follows:?

Vmware supports Dynamic Memory Support for all types of Operating Systems whereas Hyper-V supports only for Windows

Referring to scalability Vmware(https://bit.ly/2qckM6C) support’s only 160 logic processors but Hyper-V supports 320 logical processors. The RAM capacity of Vmware servers is 2TB whereas Hyper-V server holds 4TB RAM.

One should pay premium amount for Vmware Server license , but most of the Hyper-V enterprise are available at free of cost. Based on the required features companies pick whatever is required.

Vmware:? Vmware is a publicly functioning software virtualization company founded in 1998. It is known for virtualization. It provides different software related to virtualization and in addition to that it provides products cloud computing products as well.

Hyper-V:? It is a Microsoft hardware virtualization(https://bit.ly/33K46Bh) product, it supports in creating and running a software version of your computer thus called as virtual machine. Every virtual machine behaves similar to a computer , with programs and a running operating system. Virtual machines help us in saving time and money, provides more flexibility and its more efficient way to operate in using hardware, whenever we need computing resources.

It runs each virtual machine in its own isolated space. This enables to run more than one virtual machine on the same hardware at a time. This helps to avoid problems such as crashing, or if you want to give it to different people, different groups etc..

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