A Refrigerator is a common appliance in every house. A contributing factor to refrigeration temperature is usually caused by a bad or dirty condenser coil most condenser coils are located under the front of a refrigerator on the bottom of the floor.

1. Clean the Coil.

The condenser coil can be accessed by removing the drill from the front of the refrigerator and clean it using a coil brush designed to slide underneath the refrigerator from the front or rear or left or right be careful that you don't slide this brush too far to the rear because there's a condenser fan back there that you could contact and cause damage.

Do not be too vigorous or rough with the coil brush while you're cleaning the coil. Too vigorous or abrupt motions could cause damage to the condenser coil which could relate to a very expensive repair.

You simply take your coil brush and slide it under the refrigerator make access underneath the grill or the front of the grill and the brush is bendable so that you can make it fit and allocate the location that you need to for cleaning by sliding the brush front the back or left to right. You're simply going to pull out a lot of waste. LG Fridge Repair nearby you.

Once you clean the condenser coil from front to rear and left to right and you removed all of the brie which you vacuumed up with a vacuum and pull it out. Your condenser coil will be clean, make sure that you inspect your refrigerator at least twice a year to make sure that coils stay clean for proper operation and proper temperatures in your refrigerator.

2. Check Your Temperature

In most refrigerators, there are temperature settings and there are recommended settings that are arranged on the control board. However, the freezer compartment temperature setting needs to be adjusted to the consistency of the way you like to get ice cream out of the container.

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Note: we only want the freezer compartment to be as cold as necessary to freeze the products.

You set your freezer compartment temperature one degree at a time.

After you adjust the freezer compartment temperature you simply then start beginning to adjust your refrigerator compartment temperature to the way, they like the temperature of your beverages. Once this has been done you have adjusted your refrigerator and freezing apartment temperature to make the refrigerator run as long as necessary for you as a homeowner.

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