How much networking knowledge is needed to be a Cloud Engineer??

A significant part of the core knowledge that network specialists and engineers procured — regularly through certification programs, for example, CCIE — for the physical world remains the same. IP routing, segmentation approaches, traffic monitoring, flow investigation, operational structure, access control, VPNs, encryption requirements are no different but should be applied now to serve business applications sitting in one or more public clouds. In addition, organization IT is very much aware of the requirements of their own business applications and are well experienced to manage and operate strategic applications.

This core knowledge will separate existing network specialists and architects from the crowd and make it much easier for them to accomplish cloud networking and multi-cloud networking certifications that will be the base for significant career opportunities as multi-cloud network engineers, architects and IT pioneers of the cloud era.


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Last-modified: 2020-04-08 (水) 17:08:39 (194d)