What can a telecom engineer do in the fiber optics field??

Referring to the telecom industry, communication is the main theme. It can be either of longer distances or shorter distances. The medium which is facilitating to transfer the data quickly and in a more efficient way is fiber optics. This increased the need for Fiber Optics Engineers in the telecom industry, there is connectivity between telecom and fiber optics. Fiber Optics engineers take part in the installations of telecommunication cables, which include Optical Cables. There is good scope for Fiber Optics engineers in the telecom industry.

In general, the engineer has got more possibilities, which includes designing, installations, services, etc.. which means you can hold several roles such as Fiber Optic Designer, Fib Optic Technician, Fiber Optics Engineer. As a Fiber optics Engineer[https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/fiber-optic-jobs-careers], you should be accustomed to working in different weather conditions, they should climb heights, a lot of manual labor is involved, they should fix the cables, poles.

Eg: Most of the telecom companies are in search of Fiber Optics Engineers who can install fiber optic cable lines, DSL Routers, LAN and who can look after the maintenance. This is a clear example to understand how Fiber Optics is related to the telecom industry.

As per the survey, Fiber Optic Engineers are earning $55,000 per year. This amount may vary based on the location, experience, technology boom,etc..

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Article Source: https://qr.ae/Tx7LNq

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