What is Cisco??

Before starting about Cisco , I would like to elaborate the the full form of Cisco - which is “ Computer Information System Company” .

Cisco Systems is an american based multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in Sane Jone, California situated in the middle of Silicon Valley. It is founded in 1984 by Leonard Boask and Sandy Lerner who were computer scientists at stanford university. It develops, manufactures and sells high end products in the networking industry, telecom equipments and products & services associated with cutting edge technology. Though it provides a wide range of products , it is specialized in specific Tech areas such as Internet Of Things (IOT) , energy management & Domain Security .

Cisco’s products and services focuses on three market levels which include enterprise, service provider, mid level business & Small Business.

Cisco delivers IT products and services concentrating the major tech areas - Security, Networking(wireless, Ethernet,Optical), DataCenter?, Internet Of Things (IOT), Collaboration(Data,Voice,Video).

Cisco products and services concentrates on three market segments - enterprise

Below are the list of Products and Services offered by Cisco:?

Hosted Collaboration Services (HCS):? Through theses services Cisco Partners can offer cloud based services to Cisco virtualized unified computing systems. It means that a part of cisco unified computing services delivery solution includes hosted versions of Cisco Unified Contact Center , Cisco Unified Communications Manager and cisco webex meeting center. The certified Cisco Video Network Specialist (https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/cisco-video-network-specialist) deliver HCS services on time.

VOIP Services :? Cisco has become a major provider for Voice Over Internet protocols to enterprises. Now, its entering into the home market through the acquisition of Scientific Atlanta providers such as Rogers Communications, CableVision? , Time Warner and others.

Network Emergency Response :? Cisco has pre built IN set up to handle emergency situations. It maintains several Emergency response vehicles. The vehicles are maintained by Cisco employees during natural disasters.These vehicles posses both wired and wireless services including video , Voice over IP, high definition video conferencing and these vehicles have additional features incorporated in it.

In addition to the above it also provides IT professional Certifications for Cisco Products.

It offers certifications in various streams such that an engineer becomes a professional in specific aspect of networking.

Network designers can undergo the below certifications:?

CCENT - Entry Level CCNA Associate (https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/cisco-certified-network-associate) CCNP Professional CCIE Expert CCAR Architect

The other areas of certifications include:

Routing & Switching Network Security Design Storage Networking Industrial Network Voice Service Provider Operations Data Centers & wireless Service Provider It also provides certification facility through Cisco Networking Academy.

For more information kindly refer : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cisco_Systems

Article Source: https://qr.ae/TccLYM

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